Malabrigo ~ COMING SOON!

I am happy to announce that Malabrigo Yarn will be joining the O'Gosh YARN It! family.  

If you are not familiar with Malabrigo yarns, they are are family owned yarn company based in Uruguay and Peru.  They make some of the most decadent lines of hand dyed yarns that are incredibly soft and come in an array of beautiful colors. (if you can't tell, it is my absolute personal favorite to work with!

So, what do you have to look forward to, you ask?  Well, you can expect the following assortment of yarns for you to choose from. 

Arroyo is a soft and sturdy plied sport-weight Merino Wool, and a favorite among knitters! It’s perfect for those everyday lightweight (but warm) garments, and the superwash wool means it’s easy to take care of. 

Silkapacs is a 70/30 alpaca/silk blend.  Wearing an item made of Silkpaca is like wearing a cloud! This yarn is 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk, which makes it 100% luscious. Soft, silky, with just a bit of a halo

A buttery-soft single ply of fine Uruguayan Merino wool, this yarn has excellent stitch definition, comes in an enormous rainbow of colors (solids, semisolids, and variegateds) and is deliciously squishy and cozy.

Verano is 100% Pima Cotton, and it's softness, strength, and shine are perfect for both warmer weather and those in between times where you just need a little something.

Pure Mulberry silk, the ultimate in luxury! This four-ply fingering weight yarn is as strong as it is soft.

There will be more color's and collections to come!