What is a Hank?

Yarn is often sold in a twisted hank, which is a tied coil or wrapped skein of Yarn, twisted into a braid

Twisted Hank

When the hank is untwisted, it is a loose coil of yarn secured with precisely placed threads to hold it in place and helps prevent knotting.

Winding these Hanks into a ball prevents the yarn from getting tangled, and making it easier to pull yarn from it as you are knitting or crocheting.  Ideally specific tools are used to wind yarn into these convenient balls to prevent loss of yarn through damage and knotting. It can be done manually but it is not recommended.

Hard Core Ball

If you would like the Hank to be wound into a Ball, choose the appropriate selection on the product page when ordering.  This is a time-consuming process, therefore there is $5.00 winding fee per skein which will be reflected in the price when ‘Ball’ is selected.